Anne Lenner. Early to mid-1930s.
Anne Lenner. Early to mid-1930s. From the collection of Peter Wallace.

Welcome to annelenner.com, home of Too Romantic: An Anne Lenner Discography. You may be familiar with my other websites about British interwar singers Elsie Carlisle and Maurice Elwin.

I provide a short biography of Lenner on this website. Soon I will post digital transfers of records with her vocals on them and detailed discussion of each song. In the meantime, enjoy perusing the image gallery, and listen to the chronological playlist of Anne Lenner recordings already on YouTube.

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  1. Lovely website – a fitting tribute to a fine singer. You mention only two film ‘appearances’ , there are of course others – mostly dubbing non-singing actresses. Here are the ones I know about (dubbers are never credited – there may be many more) she sang “Harmonise” for Greta Gynt in “The Common Touch” (41) / “Santa Sent me You” for Anne Todd in “Ships with Wings” (41) / “Every Night at Seven” for Ann Frith in “Suspected Person” (42) / “Make up my Mind” for Toni Lupino in “Somwhere in Camp” (42) / “Love Steals Your Heart” for Patricia Roc in “The Wicked Lady” (45) She also appears in “Garrison Follies” (40) singing “When the Night is through” (missing film) / “Perfect Strangers” (45) singing “I dont want to be hurt again” (don’t think she’s actually seen in-shot) and an appearance with Carroll Gibbons in “Calling All Stars” (37) (missing from surviving prints) – so, rarely, if ever, to be actually seen in any surviving films. I’m sure there are more – all additions would be appreciated

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British dance band singer of the 1930s and 1940s known for the charming elegance of her inimitable style.